01Build Your Worlds on our shoulders


Build and customize your own unique worlds, add all the elaborate details and plots that make your players laugh, cry, and shout with joy. Atlas Worlds helps bring to your table together by allowing players to focus on the game.

Through our Manage tool you can create worlds and fill them with characters, locations, items, and quests. Each of these entities can be connected through an ever growing web of relationships.

02Unlock and manage knowledge


All your all your efforts, creating beautifully written characters, locations and story points will be noticed. Story points can be unlocked piece by piece, as your characters discover it within your world.

In play mode, the Game Master has access at his or her fingertips to unlock each and every piece of data and their relationships quickly, for players individually or for the party all at once. A few quick commands will update player knowledge and drop a friendly tag in the chat of when the knowledge was gained

03Stay engaged before, during, and after

Share World

Organize your party and take them through your immersive quests, meeting cleverly designed characters, and exploring mysterious locations. All the while they can rest assured that each of these unique entities gets added to their collection.

Parties share notes on entities they have unlocked so they can ensure as a group they have captured any extra information they may want from their encounter. They can also review this as well as their chat history before every game, or if they have missed a session, so they can be certain they are ready to go.

Entity Editor
04Easily create, organize, and connect

Intuitive Entity Management

Simplicity is the key to success. With Atlas Worlds Manager you can start creating your content and edit it on the fly. Every piece of information can easily be found and updated without losing track of where you currently are in the build process.

Connections Graph
05Visualize your story like never before

Bring your world to life

Share your hard work and dedication with your players by allowing them to see the visually pleasing artwork. Simply find or create your images and we will handle the rest. Once you tie entities together you will be able to see all the intricacies of your world with our connections map. This will help you identify if you have any unattached entities.

Atlas Worlds is a tool designed to enhance the role playing game experience for players and Game Masters alike. Our tool serves as an organizer for game content and provides players access to that content in a way they would discover it as a character.

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