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The Game Master's Curse

When building a world we often find ourselves creating incredibly descriptive characters, locations and story narratives. Weaving together lore from these different story elements into a complex web of relationships and adventures to be found in every tavern and guard station across the map. And while we love how engaged our players become because of the immersive story, there is a trade off. THEY DON'T MAKE ANY NOTES!!! Not only that but they can often forget some of the little details they will later need to put the whole masterful puzzle you have created together!

On top of these struggles, players are often not able to meet every week, or sometimes even once a month, or they may even be a part of multiple games that are all coinciding at once, making it difficult to know which detail is from which game. Nothing is worse then the characters forgetting over time even why they are on the quest that they are on. "What was the name of the lady we are looking for? Who was that one wizard guy? Where even are we?"

Having managed games where we faced this and more issues we decided to build ATLAS .

ATLAS is a tool designed for gamemasters by gamemasters, not only serve as an organizer for game content, but to provide players access to that content in a way they would discover it as a character. With this tool after you create your characters, locations and quests, you can selectively unlock each piece individually based on the characters knowledge that each player has and keep hidden the information they have yet to learn.

Do you have a player with personal knowledge of the BBEG due to their backstory, or a conversation that happened only with their character? Is hometown of each of your players characters and the distinct details not yet known to the entire party? A secret relationship between the mayor of town and the local thieves guild? All these things can be individually unlocked for each of your players depending on what they know as a character. Since this information is individual, you have better control over metagamers who will comb over every detail of your story, even the parts they should not know as a character.

ATLAS is a tool intended to make your life as the GM more enjoyable and allow your players to become more engaged in the story as opposed to rapidly scribbling notes frantically hoping they catch the one important note in the lengthy descriptions you provide. It also allows you, the GM, the ability to have all your work actually remembered so a long time gap, or forgetful players don't even remember why the BBEG is actually the bad guy.